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„YOLO“ (Set)

Chicano | 24/11/2018
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„YOLO“ – You Only Live Once (Du Lebst Nur Einmal)

I am really happy to present you today my new set „YOLO“, which (for me) has become one of my best sets so far. I associate many feelings, emotions and of course also many memories with it…..so I invested a lot of time and an incredible amount of love in it, like seldom before….

Especially therefore I hope that you will like it just as much and also that you let me, take you on a journey to drift together away..! šŸ™‚

„We think too much and feel too little….!“


Once upon a time, there was a heart,
which lived together in a small
Village with different hearts and souls.

When the heart was born a long time ago
and began to move second by second
it had only one wish.

To receive love and to give love.

Often it felt alone, wanted and could not be alone,
and so it happened that the heart got more and more little scars.
Scars of disappointments and injuries.

The scars got bigger and bigger and the own wishes and needs were put further and further back. Trust was only a word and no longer a harmonious feeling, as it should be.

One morning the heart decided to go in search of what it had always longed for. Even though it was hard for the heart to believe that something like this really existed, there was something in him that bore the name hope and gave her strength and courage to begin the journey.

Days and nights came and went.

On his journey, the heart had several travel companions, who had a piece
went with it.

These included self-doubt, loneliness and low self-esteem.

It was shortly before the sun went down on the horizon when the heart became a piece of woodland.
came. It stopped and listened to the silence.

Suddenly it felt something
warm and intimate, through its
ventricles flowed. A feeling that
didn’t know it like this. It was a
Feeling of:
„To have finally arrived“

It heard a special melody that only a
another heart can play. Suddenly
It was all so easy and beautiful. It was looking
to find out where the tune came from.

On the top right of a hill there was a light shining, a light full of warmth.
and security.
That’s where the heart wanted to go. To get there, the heart has to go into the forest and then to the right up to the hill.

When the heart wanted to go off, a head came towards him and asked where it wanted to go. When the heart told him this, the head offered to accompany him.
Gullible as the heart was, it thought nothing of it and agreed.

The head, however, wanted nothing more than to keep the heart away from the beautiful one.

He entangled the heart in a conversation and distracted it, so that they ran past the turnoff and came deeper and deeper into the forest. Away from the melody of the heart and the warm and familiar.

When the heart noticed that it no longer felt the familiar and it became colder again, the head said goodbye and left the heart alone again.

Sadness and loneliness returned. So that it did not have to be alone the heart made itself again on the journey home…….

„YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE“ – „But if you do it right, once is enough…!“


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